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Base Station Antenna

MaCo Beam Antenna

MACO 2600

5000 watt gamma available for all MACO antennas. Uses standard hardware. (V-Quad is special order.) Also available for VQuads.

MACO 4600
10,000 watt gamma match works on all MACO antennas except the V-Quad. Includes mounting hardware.

MACO 5600
20,000 watt gamma match works on all MACO antennas except the V-Quad. Includes mounting hardware.

MACO 6600
30,000 watt gamma match works on all MACO antennas except the V-Quad. Includes mounting hardware.


Maco VQ2SK
Download Manual
V-Quad Stacking Kit + M103C

Download Manual
Y-Quad and M103C Stacking Kit

Download Manual
Maximum Beam Stack Kit
for M103C through M107C


The Boomer

Download Manual
THE FIX FOR FIBERGLASS BASE ANTENNAS. The Boomer is an aluminum Ground Plane Radial Kit for the Antron 99, Shakespear Big Stick, and other fiberglass base antennas. It makes them perform like an all metal base antenna.
Weight 6 lbs. Element Length 7 ft.


MACO 2400
Wattmeter 20-200-2000-4000 watt scales. Read watts forward and reverse. A most accurate CB meter. This meter reads RMS output and does not show accurate peak power. Shows modulation. Graph for SWR calculations is included.
6-1/8" Wide x 3-3/8" Height x 4-3/4 Depth

The meter face is 3-1/8 x 2-7/8




MACO 150
FOR HIGH GAIN AND LOW NOISE. Gain is adjustable  from -20db to +27db (5 S units) with exclusive noise eliminator circuit. For SSB or AM Base Stations 110v AC operation.


MACO 91 Match Box
Correct high SWR between radio and antenna handles 300 watts maximum power.

Gamma Supports for stock gamma and the Maco 2600 5KW Gamma match.

Maco CPH-1
Circular Polarization Harness



Co-Axial 3 position switchbox used space age linear rotary switch. 1.5 kw power limit.







Maco antenna line was sold to Charles Electronics LLC. All the MaCo antenna manuals on this site have just been updated to the new release

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The item most overlooked when ordering a custom radio is the microphone.  Your new tuned radio will NOT
sound great  with a stock mic on it  If your CB is more than a tool for work, you NEED to upgrade your microphone. 
My personal favorites are the Astatic 636L and RD104E.

If you place an order from outside the continental USA, we will calculate your actual shipping and send you a PayPal payment request.  We do NOT export Antennas or Base station radios.


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