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     10 Meter Base Station Radio

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Factory Service Manual

      Designed to enhance any serious operators shack, this rack-mounted unit offers exceptional sound quality and large, easy-to-use controls. The RCI-2995DX has features that include: AM-CW-FM-SSB modes of operation, variable power, noise blanker and built-in heavy duty AC power supply and provides 150 watts PEP output, and a rear panel frequency meter output for measuring transmit operating frequency.

     Dual panel meters display received signal strength transmitter power output and antenna SWR. Clarifier audio tone controls for accurate receiver tuning improved reception under difficult conditions. Pushbutton selection of programming scanning functions, and programmable repeater split for FM operation enhances the renewed 10 meter repeater activity.

     The RCI-2995DX offers microprocessor-based advanced features typically found in high-end units costing several times as much, including programmable repeater offset and capabilities for a CTCSS tone option great for increasing repeater activity on 10 meters and receiver scanning for quick search of active frequencies. The unit offers three methods of frequency selection, non-volatile memory to store and scan up to ten favorite frequencies, scanning of selected frequency segment or stored frequencies and front panel frequency selector lockout .

     In addition, the RCI-2995DX offers an impressive array of design and performance improvements:
  • An improved receiver: designed for increased sensitivity and image rejections.
  • A double FET balanced mixer: for improved receiver inter-modulation rejection.
  • Surface mount components: for increased resistance to shock and vibration.



  • 10 & 12 meter bands
  • Large frequency display with dimmer
  • Improved receiver design
  • New green back-light display
  • Variable output power control
  • Active frequency scanner
  • Ten programmable frequencies
  • Programmable repeater split
  • Receiver clarifier (0.5kHz)
  • Dual panel meters
  • Noise blanker/ANL circuitry
  • Frequency selector lockout
  • Continuous duty built-in AC power supply
  • 2 year warranty
  • Shipping weight -- 32 pounds shipped UPS with $600 insurance and Signature. (22"x18"x11")
    ( The shipping cost to most locations is between $30 and $45
  • Shipping weight and size (double boxed and oversized)
    • 36 pounds.
    • Inner Box with Foam inserts (22"x18"x11")
    • inner box wrapped in 3 layers of bubble wrap and
      placed inside a larger Outer Box. (25 x 22 x 20
      )  this
      provides for shock protection that foam inserts do not have.
    •  UPS Ground with $600 insurance and Signature required.



Fan Kit

Fan Kit Photo

Make your radio run cooler. With the new add-on kit, the SRA-2990CF with dual fans, will do just that. This kit mounts to the back of the radio, over the heat sink and finals, and forces air to circulate around them to extend their life. $49.95

In the unlikely event you need Warranty service;
 We ask that you please send directly to Ranger. 
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Comply with part 15 of the FCC Rules. Operation is subject to the condition that this device does not cause harmful interference. Further information can be found at the FCC website or the ARRL website

Transmitting using this radio requires an Amateur Radio License. Licensing information can be obtained by visiting or In Canada, visit or


After many story changes coming from Ranger, I have to give up and just wait and see what happens.  We get different stories of which models are coming and which are not. We are going to have to wait and see for sure..
2995 are through Customs and on the way to distributors.  Last misinformation rcvd on 3-25-15



Optional Accessories
 Tune-up and frequency conversion. (Tune-up, Alignment and expanded frequency coverage) $39
 Add a "Slider" option to your frequency conversion Modified the Clarifier for ability to control frequency on TX as well as RX, requires frequency realignment This mod is available to some who want it, but I don't necessarily recommend it) $25
 Optional Fan Kit. SRA-2990CF (Power jack in the back.)
(This is a great to keep this radio cool)
 Install a switch to turn off the 150w amp.
(wired behind the radio with a switch for on/off, when amp is off the radio carrier is about 0~2W and peaks about 15W)
 Install a 4P switch in the back to simultaneously
 do these 4 things:
1) Turn off the 150w amp.
   2) Turn off the Fan kit.
   3) Change internal settings when switch is off to
        give a better power range - from 1~9W carrier and
        30+W peak power.
   4) Change the internal SSB settings so that you can
       get better low power SSB performance.

 Install an CP-1 Top Gun Audio Compressor. (on - all the time) $25

 Astatic 878DM Amplified DESK microphone.
(wired for this radio with a six pin plug and a battery installed)
 Turner RK-56 Noise Canceling microphone.
(wired for this radio with a 6 pin plug)
 Astatic 636L Noise Canceling microphone.
(wired for this radio with a 6 pin plug)
 Astatic D104-M6b Amplified microphone.
(wired for this radio with a 6 pin plug and a battery installed)

With up/down buttons?

 Astatic RD104-E Amplified microphone.
(wired for this radio with a 6 pin plug and a battery installed)
 Install an Echo board. (BACK or SIDE)
(wired internal to the radio with dual controls on the side or back to control speed and echo effects)
  Install a Record/Playback Module 18 seconds (wired inside the radio with  two pushbuttons on the side to record 18 seconds and to play it back) $69
  Install a Record/Playback Module 60 seconds (wired inside the radio with  two pushbuttons on the side to record 60 seconds and to play it back) $79

Sound Byte link address

 Install a Noise toy
(wired inside the radio with a switch or pushbutton to trigger
 any 18 second sound byte you want)

Sound Byte link address

 Install a Noise toy as a background theme music (wired inside the radio with a switch to play any background
 music at very low volume so you can talk over it.)


 Install bright LED lighting behind the 2 meters. I like white the best and is the only color I guarantee you will see bright and nice. Other colors are pretty but not as easy to read the meter if your getting up there in age. :o) $26

 Add a Small External Speaker
(plugs into back of the radio for improved sound)

 Add a Large External Speaker
(plugs into back of the radio for improved sound)

We ask that if you may need Warranty service on this radio to please send directly to Ranger.  Fill out this form first.

RCI-2995DX Specifications



 Frequency Range

10 Mtr: 28.000 - 29.6999 MHz
12 Mtr: 24.8900 - 24.9900 MHz

 Tuning Steps

1 MHz, 100 KHz, 10 KHz, 1 KHz, 100 Hz



 Clarifier Range

5 KHz

 Frequency Tolerance


 Frequency Stability


 Operating Temperature Range

- 20 C to + 50 C


 Left: RX Signal Strength
Right: RF Output, Antenna SWR

 Antenna Impedance

50 W

 Input Voltage

110 VAC, 60 Hz
( 220 VAC, 50 Hz Optional )

 AC Power Consumptions

300 Watts


400 W Dynamic PTT - 6 Pin

 Size (W x D x H) Radio only

19" x 12" x 6-1/4"


24 lb 6 oz

 Shipping Weight and
 Box Size.

32 lb.



 RF Power Output
New MOSFET Final section 4x IRF520
(as measured on new OEM unit)

4-40 Watts : RMS: CW / AM / FM
150 Watts: AM Peak power
150 Watts (PEP): SSB
(average results each unit varies)

 RF Power Output (After tune-up)
New MOSFET Final section 4x IRF520

4-30 Watts : RMS: CW / AM / FM
 150 Watts: AM Peak power
60-150 Watts (PEP): SSB
(results fairly consistent)



 Carrier Suppression

Better Than 60 dB

 Spurious Emission

More Than 60 dB

 Antenna Connector

Standard SO-239 Type

 Output Impedance

Unbalanced 50 W




AM / CW: 0.7 V for 10 db SINAD
FM: 0.5 V for 12 db SINAD
SSB: 0.2 V for 10 db SINAD

 AM / FM Selectivity

50 db at 10 KHz

 SSB Selectivity

5 db at 2 KHz, 60 db at 4 KHz

 Image Rejection

More than 50 db

 IF Rejection

More than 80 db at 455 KHz

 Audio Output Power

2.5 Watts @ 10% THD

 Intermod Rejection

> 50 db

 Noise Blanker

IF Single Gate Type

 Built In Speaker

8 W

 External Speaker

Disables Internal Speaker When Connected, 8 W


The item most overlooked when ordering a custom radio is the microphone.  Your new tuned radio will NOT sound great with a stock mic on it.
 If your CB is more than a tool for work, you NEED to upgrade your microphone.  My personal favorites are the Astatic 636L and RD104E.



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