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Sound Byte Modules


Noise Toy

Hook-up diagram

    These fantastic little electronic devices will play an audio sample with various switching methods.  Have a great time amusing your friends with these easily installable Audio players.   They are easily installed and will provide a transmitted sound clip that can be used for many purposes.

Great ways to use these Chips:

CB Radio: 

  • For Fun, just play it for the enjoyment of it

  • Background Music, A low level musical tune, possibly something to do with your "handle"

  • Station Identifier, A short "identifier" in front of your transmission to let your friends know who's on the key, save time calling your friends one by one,  and key up your identifier alone and let your friends who know you call you if they are there and heard you.

  • Handle ID, Your sound byte can be specific to your handle, like the Tasmanian devil.

Mobile PA:

  • Use your PA to gather attention like the Ice Cream truck

  • Make political announcements

  • Convert your Standard PA into a Siren (careful)

  • A Cab company could have a logo jingle play when the car arrives.

Public Address system at schools and offices:

  • Station Identifier, A short "identifier" in front of your transmission to let listeners know who's calling without having to identify.

  • ATTENTION: have a short "please hear this" statement automatically triggered on PA

  • Announcements: Simplify those repetitive tasks and have them pre-recorded and automatically played at the push of a button (or multiple buttons for more phrases)


  • Play logo or melody before paging guests.
  • Announcing "Happy Hour" with style
  • Drive-Thru A perfect "welcome to burger Hut,  we invite you to try our new BBQ special for $2.99, or super size your order for only $1.00 more, may I take your order?" every time you push the button.




Enter a link to the sound byte you want recorded on the toy.

(30 sec)
Pre-recorded with your
choice of sound.
 Any length up to 30 sec.
Installed in a NEW Radio
(also select a toy above)
Total price for toy and install on a new radio is $75.00

Custom programmed to your favorite sound byte or recording. When ordering the toy simply send us your audio sample, wav file or  sound byte file. The best way is to enter a link to the file (not just the web site, the file itself) .  I will edit the sound file for you to provide the clearest recording. Editing, finalizing and recording to your toy all included.

Need some ideas for sound files?
Try these great sources:






The Movie Sounds Page logo


the daily .wav


Go to Google Home

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