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Ares II

Ares II title

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Multi Band - AM / FM/ USB/LSB/PA

Some guys want the new technology performance but like the old school look in front.

That's what we have here.


  •  FM/AM/SSB mode

  • Weather Channel 150-170MHz programmable(Optional)

  • CTCSS/DCS Code(Optional)

  • PWR, RX RSSI S-Meter

  • PC programmable

  • Echo Function

  • SQ, ASQ Function

  • RF Gain Adjustment

  • Mike Gain Adjustment

  •  H/L power

  • Programmable RB

  • NB/ANL Function

  • Offset Function

  • Beep Voice Prompt

  • +10KHz Function

  • TOT Function

  • HI-CUT Function

  • Busy channel lock

  • Monitor

  • LED Brightness Adjustment

  • SWR Protection

  • Voltage Protection


Free Shipping
Anytone Ares II 10-Meter Radio $199.50

  Download Software
Optional Accessories
 Tune-up and frequency conversion.
(Tune-up, Alignment and expanded frequency)
Switch Location
 Install an EXTERNAL PTT keying port. We use an RCA jack for a TX output PORT to your external device. Every time you key it provides a connection between the +/- of the RCA connector.
1) Output RCA completely isolated  from the radio. Both +/-  connect to a relay that isolates it from the radios circuits.
   2) Optional BYPASS switch in case your external device does not have a standby (turns port off (stays open))
     4) Heavy duty relay can handle any keying circuit voltage, even the SB-220's - 120VDC circuit.
 Change factory power cord to a 10 Gauge Power Cord (14 foot) and modify the DC Jack for high amperage 2 Pin Quick connector.
Power cordStryker SR-955 Power Cord UpgradeStryker SR-955 Power Cord UpgradeStryker SR-955 Power Cord Upgrade
 Install a Record/Playback Module 120 seconds (wired inside the radio with a switch on the side to record 120 seconds and to play it back over the air) $77

Sound Byte link

 Install a Noise toy
(wired inside the radio with a switch or pushbutton to trigger any 30 second sound byte you want)

Sound Byte link

 Install a Noise toy as a background theme music
(wired inside the radio with a switch to play any background music at very low volume so you can talk over it.)
 Add a Small External Speaker
(plugs into back of the radio for improved sound)
 Add a Large External Speaker
(plugs into back of the radio for improved sound)

Tuned up values on these watt meters
Dosy Bird RMS *Bird 43P
AM 1~12w 1~12w 1~12w
FM 1~40w 1~40w 1~40w
SSB 4~30w 3~24w 10~52w
PEAK AM 2~29w 2~14w 5~52w
*Most informative and the one we use

Aries Specifications 
 Arie Specifications 2








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