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Short Load

Short Load


  • Have a height limitation?
  • Can't get into the garage?
  • The overpass is too low?

     If you have this problem and you need a short antenna, but want the maximum performance that the height limitation puts on you, then the Wilson Short Load is the answer!

Designed for maximum efficiency, it is only 3ft short and replaces the 62" whip that is standard for the Wilson 1000 and the Wilson 5000.

It will also replace the 49" whip that is standard on the Trucker 2000 & 5000 for those drivers concerned about their height restrictions.

The band width will still be wide enough for most uses - 1-1.2 MHz, and the power handling is a strong 500 watts.

The Short Load adapts to the Wilson 500 and all models of the Wilson 1000, 5000, Trucker 2000 and the Trucker 5000. We have also used them on K-40 antennas as well.

The perfect solution for those height problems.

NOTE:  This is a whip replacement with a coil in the middle,

----  it is NOT a complete antenna.

The Wilson antenna shown in these pictures does NOT come with the short load adapter whip.


Keep this in mind....The Short load adapter is shorter but more rigid. It does not flex over when you hit it. So it limits overhead clearance to 36" over the base of the antenna.  The original 62" whip in the Wilson 1000 may be taller but it will flex down to about 18 over the antenna and fold completely over and back again.

So many times I can go under lower things with the 62" flexible whip than I can the 36" rigid whip.






Easy to Tune and Install
  1. Loosen set screws in chrome mast of antenna and remove the existing antenna's whip.
  2. Remove the vinyl cap from the bottom ( 11" length ) portion of the short load.
  3. Insert the bottom portion into the mast
  4. Perform SWR test to determine reading.
  5. If necessary to trim antenna, remove vinyl cap from the top ( 26" length ) portion of the short load.
  6. Cut to lowest SWR from the top whip, using bolt cutters or a hacksaw.
  7. When completed, replace top vinyl cap.
Short Load Drawing
  1. Do not cut the bottom whip - always trim at top whip.
  2. The top whip is supplied longer than necessary for use on channel 1-40, and must be trimmed.










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