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Amplified Microphone Service Tips


      The ASTATIC D104-M6 "power" microphone sometimes comes with a bit of a "click" feeling when you push button all the way in. This can be fixed by carving the area shown below with an exacto blade or similar razor. The side and bottom are both carved using the blade and "shaving" a little at a time.
Before After

     There has been a lot of people who break the volume adjustment knob shaft running to the control inside. After you replace the battery, when you place the mic together, look carefully at how the case wants to squeeze the knob, move it down slightly with your finger tip while closing so that it doesn't put pressure on the shaft and break it free of the control. It will then have a broken snap and never go back in


This microphones PTT switch is unusually susceptible to damage when dropping the mic on the PTT button.  It will develop a scratchy sound that cleaning only cures for a day or less. After this happens a new switch will be required.  This is very difficult and will require technical assistance. Bells CB will replace the switch for $15 parts and labor.






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