The Wilson Floating Ground Kit

Solving Those "No Ground" Problems

Almost all installers of antennas have been confronted with the problems of getting a good ground on fiberglass and aluminum motor homes, RV's, and 5th wheelers. Getting a ground of any kind, much less a good one, is often just about impossible.

Wilson has the answer.

The idea is to avoid the vehicle ground completely and create a new and different ground. This is accomplished by using a separate wire insulated from the vehicle ground, effectively making a dipole for the antenna system.

The complete kit, including all parts necessary to convert your antenna system over to this method , with a 20,000 volt ( 5,000 volt working ) test cable, is available from Wilson Antenna.

Shown below is how to install the "No-Ground-Kit" on both the Trucker and Fiberglass antenna. It will work with all models of both types of antennas.

Floating Ground - Trucker
Floating Ground - Fiberglass
Remember, if your looking for solutions, Wilson probably has the right answer.