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 Base Station Antenna

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 Shooting Star
 CB Radio Base Station,
 Beam Antenna

 Dual Polarity


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     When performance at a price is your main consideration, look at the 8-element Shooting Star. Developed to fill the need for top performance, dual polarity operation, the Shooting Star has a gain of 14dB. That's like transmitting with 28 times your normal power! The design uses a 16-foot boom with six scientifically-spaced elements and a quad reflector to obtain the best combination of gain and front-to-back ratio. It's the same design used to bounce signals off the moon! And, it has the Maco 2kw power handling capability!

Power handling is 2000W PEP

Need Higher power?
Upgrade your gamma match to:






Made of aircraft alloy 6063-T5 aluminum tubing with .050" wall thickness, additionally elements are made from 6006 an even tougher alloy. To prevent fatigue failure, no holes are made in any boom or element.





...Beam Antenna... $505

New 2022 Shipping Rate
Boom Length (feet) 16
Boom OD (inches) 2
Number of Elements 4+4
Longest Radius (feet) 18
Turn Radius (feet) 13
Surface Area (sq. ft.) 8.91
Wind Survival (mph) 90
Tuning (Meters) 11
Gain (db) 14
Power Multiplication 28X
Front-to-Back Sep. (db) 38
VSWR (adjustable) 1.1 or less
Weight (lbs)  
Shipping Weight (lbs) 31
Ship by: 81" x 6" x 6" Calculate
shipping for UPS or Priority Mail
Our ZIP is 33334












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