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BA-1 Balcony
    CB Radio Base Station,

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    The new MacoŽ BA1 Balcony Antenna has been designed to be used on the 10/11 meter bands.
It can be mounted either horizontally or vertically, depending on the operator's preference. This
1/2 wave antenna can be mounted on a wrought iron or wooden balcony, making it the perfect
solution for operators who have limited space or cannot have a permanent installation. 5 dBi gain.

These can also be used as side of tower mounted antennas. They can also be operated in a vertically phased array (collinear) that will give you a small amount of gain in various array configurations.

    (and directional depends how used)

Power handling is 2000W PEP

Need Higher power?
Upgrade your gamma match to:




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...BA-1... $122


Length (feet) 206 - 210"
Tuning (Meters) 10-11
VSWR (adjustable) 1.5 or less
BOX Dimensions 82" x 6" x 2"
Shipping Weight (lbs) 8
Ship by: 82" x 6" x 2" Calculate shipping
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