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Heavy Duty "SS" Spring & Stud Mount

*** Unavailable ***

Also Available with screw-on S0-239

     These springs are made of stainless steel for many years of service. Two basic models (ring terminal connections and screw-on connection), each available in a medium duty model and in a heavy duty model, are available. Each spring stands about 3 inches (77mm) above the mount surface.

     The heavy duty models may be used with any antenna up to 4 ft in length.

     The ring terminal models (SS-34M & SS-34H) are designed so that both the ground and center conductor connections are made when the spring/stud is installed (versus making a ground connection to the mount with a separate screw).

     The space required below the mount surface is a minimal 1/2" (13mm) making this the perfect part to install when space is a premium. The washers and the connecting bolt are made of stainless steel on this product and the insulators are made of rugged nylon.





"The importance of the stud mount cannot be over stressed! The antenna stud mount acts as a bridge between the antenna and the coaxial feed line. Accordingly, it needs to allow for efficient transfer of your transmitted and received signals to and from the transceiver. If the stud mount doesn't perform that task efficiently you end up with unneeded loss. And if that isn't enough, the stud mount must be strong enough to withstand all of the stress placed upon it from an antenna that is subject to severe wind load and vibration."



2 Year Warranty

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