CB/AM/FM, CB Antenna Splitter



Match-Maker TM
CB/AM/FM, CB Antenna Splitter


     The Match Maker  is the perfect accessory for people who want to use their Firestik CB antenna for their CB and AM/FM radio. Although there are some matchers that allow you to use your AM/FM antenna for CB, be forewarned that your CB performance will be at best, very poor. Unlike the receive only antenna needed by the AM/FM radio, a CB needs its antenna to be resonant within the CB band. Tuners that allow the AM/FM antenna to be used for CB bleed off power to keep the CB's output circuits from literally burning out. If you only want one antenna, than the only wise choice is to use a CB antenna and the Match-Maker. Installation is easy too! Simply disconnect the antenna coax from the CB and screw it on to the Match-Maker. Then, screw the PL-259 lead to the CB and put the pin-plug into the AM/FM radio's antenna input socket. Both coaxial leads are 18" (46cm)long. The Match-Maker has dual tuning coils and the tool and instructions needed to optimize the performance of both the CB and the AM/FM radio.


... Discontinued ...  
This matcher tunes your CB antenna to be used with your AM/FM radio and your CB.

This will tune almost ANY CB antenna, not just the Firestik brands.

It does NOT tune your AM/FM antenna to be used with your CB. (There used to be matchers like that available but do to the antenna size of an AM/FM, the performance was very poor.)


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