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  Product Description Your Price
PNI-HF11 Earphone Earphone $9.99
Small External Speaker $11.99
Jeep External Speaker $28.50 
Uniden  small External Speaker $14.99
DE-50 External Speaker PNI DE-50 External Speaker $12.99
Uniden BC23A amplified speaker (most cb radios do not need an amplified speaker, very small ones, walkie talkies and scanners is what this usually for.) $38.50
Uniden BC15 External speaker $23.50
President 711-SX External speaker $16.50
ES-12 Magnum Magnum ES-12 External Speaker $24.99
Wilson Heavy Chrome plated Steel Speaker $44.50

Texas Ranger SRA-166FB. Frequency Counter built inside an exxternal speaker. For radios that have a 6 pin Freq Counter jack in the back of the radio. $69.50

Cobra's HighGear external speaker S300
 Noise Canceling Filter for clear receive audio, 15 Watt power handling capability, 4-inch speaker with 5.5 oz. magnet, shock resistant construction, Metal mesh grille. Also has a 3.5mm (1/8") headphone jack for easy earphone plug-in location when you want to hear but the passenger does not.

Black PA Horn $12.99 
White PA Horn $12.99
Generic Radio 2.5" Speaker $7.99
Generic Radio 3" Speaker $8.99 
Generic Radio 3.5" Speaker $8.99
Generic Radio 4" Speaker $8.99 
External Speaker Wizard External Speaker Wizard,  use your left stereo speaker as a high quality external speaker. $39.50 
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