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Frequency Counter

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     The  FC-30 is a universal frequency counter which indicates the frequency of the selected channel. It is designed for use in CB and Amateur radios.  All connectors, wiring, hardware and instructions are included.

Like other frequency counters (FC-390/FC-347), this one has the connector to plug into the back of many popular radios. It ALSO has an RCA jack to directly read frequency via a probe, sensor or antenna input. That's what truly sets this one aside from the rest. Take note that it is considerably larger than the FC-290/FC-347 (about 80% larger).


1) From rear port sense radio TX energy to display direct frequency (AM only) or

2) From data port read radios oscillator frequency and displays all the time, RX and TX and both AM and SSB.  (many radios have this port already or you are supplied internal wire harness to install)

  • Displays the Frequency ALL the time, in RX and TX if using the modular jack connection.
  • External input jack accepts from 0.1 ~ 1V injected signal. using this connection displays frequency only in TX.
  • Hi - Med - Low stepping dimmer switch
  • Display: 6 Digit Bright LED
  • SSB Frequency: Auto Correction (when using modular jack connection)
  • R T/X Frequency: 10.695 MHz Built-In Adder (when using modular jack connection)

    (That means it can be used with any radio that has a 10.695 MHZ reference oscillator  and it will
    add the offset numbers to display actual 27-28 Mhz frequency. This is only when using the modular jack)




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 Frequency Range

0.5 Mhz ~ 50.0 Mhz

 Power Requirements

13.8 Vdc


+/- 0.01ppm @ 25 deg. C.


100 Hz

 Size (W x D x H)

 4.5" x 4" x 1.33"


5 oz.

 Shipping Weight

1 lb.



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