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   10 Meter Mobile Radio



AM/FM 10 Meter Radio


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  • 8w AM carrier, 20 Watts Peak (after tune-up 25W).
  • 8 Watt FM
  • 3 Color Display,  (Blue Amber and Purple)
  • Dual Watch,
  • Scanning
  • Instant 9 & 19
  • 4 CH Memory
  • Frequency Display
  • Keypad Lock
  • Mute
  • External Speaker Jack



Comply with part 15 of the FCC Rules. Operation is subject to the condition that this device does not cause harmful interference. Further information can be found at the FCC website or the ARRL website

Transmitting using this radio requires an Amateur Radio License. Licensing information can be obtained by visiting or In Canada, visit or

...SR-89MC... $149.50


Colors Install Nitro Knobs with dimmer control integration circuit built so it dims with the factory adjustment. 8 Knob set parts and labor. $144
Optional Accessories
 Tune-up and frequency conversion. (Tune-up, Alignment and expanded frequency coverage. (Bands A-J)
(8w carrier and 25W peak power).

Insert a power control switch for high and low power. High power is about 8W, You choose the  low power level. $30
 Add a Small External Speaker
(plugs into back of the radio for improved sound)
 Add a Large External Speaker
(plugs into back of the radio for improved sound)








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