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Echo Board

The TRB-X4 Echo Board  features TURBO DIGITAL ECHO technology.

The longest echo with the most variations, like endless echo, Alien Voice and Big Radio Sound.

Get clear and loud echo, in a board small enough to fit almost any radio.


Installs in a small amount
space and looks clean.

Warranty on these items are covered by RF Limited only since it is a repair type part.

RF Limited can be reached Toll-Free: 1-877-624-6869

...TRB-X4 Echo board... $39.50
...TRB-X4 LX...
For the Cobra 29LX series radios
Special built with longer shafts
 and Matching black controls

Dual control knobs
(shown here
in the Delta Tune space).

LX version in the
Delta Tune spot.


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