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Xtreme Echo Microphone


EC-2018 XTR

Make your radio sound its best with the RF Limited EC 2018 XTR Xtreme Echo Power Mic.

EC 2018 XTR Features

  • CYBORG™ Robotic Voice - Sound half man, half machine
  • Stadium Sound™ - Have the booming voice of a stadium announcer.
  • Endless Echo™ - An unbelievable digital echo with a range from no echo to a never ending echo, repeating echo.
  • Double Talker™ - Repeats everything you say... repeats everything you say.
  • Whammy Sound Effects™ - Adjust the echo controls while transmitting to create the wildest of sound effects.
  • Noise Reducer™ - Advanced noise reduction circuit decreases microphone sensitivity and reduces background noise, making sure they hear you and not your vehicle.
  • Talk Back - Monitor your transmissions. Know exactly what you sound like over the air.

The echo controls are located on the outside of the microphone, so you are always in complete control. The EC-2018 XTR has the highest quality and softest neoprene 6 conductor microphone cord you ever used. A standard 4 pin mic plug is included.


* The "Talk Back" feature does not work on all radios.

  • If you have to plug your mic into the radio in order to hear the receive, then it will probably work for you.

  • If you get receive sound without any mic plugged in, then the talk back feature will NOT work for you.

...EC-2018XTR Xtreme...
Echo Microphone

Pre-wired with high quality 4 pin Plug
for Cobra / Uniden / President / Galaxy /
Radio Shack / Ranger
New Duracell Battery included
in all items below:
Wire with new high quality 5 pin Plug for  Cobra / Uniden / President. $19
Wire with a new high quality 5 pin DIN Plug for Cobra / Uniden $19
Wire with a new high quality 4 pin Plug for Midland $19
Wire with a new high quality 6 pin Plug for Ranger $19
Wire with a new high quality 6 pin Plug for President / Magnum $19
Wire with a new high quality 6P plug for Bluetooth Cobra Radios. a button added for BT function. $47
Wire with a new high quality plug for OTHER. Please specify  your exact Radio and Model in the end of your Order Form when Checking out. $19

2018XTR OM 2<  

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