Base Station Microphones


D-104 Special

Base Station Microphone



     The TUP9-D104SP Special is a combination of the original super talk-power D104 crystal microphone with a transistorized rugged, versatile TUP9SP Stand. The Special is finished in receive urethane and polished chrome. It features a grip-to-talk bar and a press-to-talk bar. The TUP9-D104SP is compatible with the "G" series of microphones. The microphone head plugs into the top of the mast and is locked on by means of a union nut.

     The TUP9SP stand has a built-in two stage silicon transistor amplifier having high impedance input. The output impedance is suitable for the inputs of all commercial transmitters or transceivers. The TUP9SP is finished in receive urethane with polished chrome switch bars and clamp.

     The D104SP crystal head features an engraved eagle on the rear of the head and is finished in receive urethane with a polished chrome mic screen.


     All Special D104 microphones are audio tested and inspected prior to shipment. Our absolute commitment to quality insures that ASTATIC microphones remain the Best Value in today's competitive industry.





Type: High quality amplified crystal
Frequency Response:

Frequency Response

Maximum Output Level: -20 dB below 1 volt per microbar at 1 kHz into 1 megohm load
Amplifier Voltage Gain: 26 dB
Impedance: 5000 ohms max. (matches all transmitters)
Cable: Five conductor (one conductor shielded) coiled cord that extends to 2.3 m (7 1/2 ft.)
Housing: Die Cast Zinc Alloy
Finish: Polished Chrome
Battery: Standard 9 Volt Battery (Not Included)
Battery Drain: 1.2 ma
Size: TUP9-D104SE: 305 mm (12") high x 135 mm (5 1/4") diameter
D104SE: 103 mm (4 1/16") high x 77 mm (3 1/32") wide x 29 mm (1 1/8") deep
TUP9SE: 210 mm (8 1/4") high x 135 mm (5 1/4") diameter
Weight: TUP9-D104SE: 1.22 kilograms (2 lbs. 11 oz.)
D104SE: 255 grams (9 oz.)
TUP9SE: 964 grams (2 lbs. 2 oz.)