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All the equipment on this page is Certified as WORKING condition
unless otherwise clearly marked/stated.
Product Description Price
RCI-2970N2CD Ranger RCI-2970N2
-- Like NEW condition
-- All acessories in the box

The CDR Rotor Controller Model HAM 115 is an antenna controller.

Hy-Gain T2X Tailtwister Series II Rotator and Controller Rotator and Controller,
20 Sq. Ft
. Wind Load,
1,000 in-lbs. Turning,
2.063 in Max. Mast Diameter
This is for the BIG Beams !!!

I suggest Norms Rotor Service to have this fully repaired, they will make it look and operate like new.

Buy this unit, have me ship it to Norm's with your information (contact them first)and you get a $1200 dollar rotor system for about Half and it's guaranteed to work better than new.


The Palomar Model 60 Bi-Linear Amp is an 10M amplifier from 1971. It uses an alternating current (AC) supply of 117 volts. The Caps are rotted and legs are broken. This unit needs to be rebuilt.


The Ten-Tec Titan 425
is an all-mode linear amplifier with a frequency range of 10-160 m.  It uses two Eimac 3CX800A7 ceramic triodes, each of which is capable of 1.2 kW carrier.  The Titan 425 can easily put out the legal limit of 1500 watts.  (and more)
It consists of two units: an amplifier and a power supply. The amplifier uses a grounded grid configuration and a ducted forced air cooling system. 
The Titan 425 covers all ham bands from 160 meter to 10 meter. It is simple to tune, especially if you write down the settings for every band.
Initial testing on this unit shows no Turn on in the amp. Price set for a NON working unit.

If  time permits I will fix this unit (probably minor), then I will change the price to $1500-1800
If you or your tech wants a deal, buy it NOW AS-IS.

Ranger RCI-69FFB4
    - Nice - Look at pics
    - 425 Watts
    - 4x 2SC-2879's 


Henry 2K-4 HF linear Amplifier

  • Alpha 3-500ZG Tubes
    NIB (New In Box)
  • Local Pickup Only
  • If you prefer your own tubes, we would be happy to keep the tubes and take $2000.
  • Local Pick-up ONLY.




Astatic D104 with G Stand

  • NON-Amplified D104

  • Perfect for old radios like Tram or Browning that have the amplifier built into the radio.

Also for Sale in our eBay store.


"Baby" 55 Antenna

  • New Old Stock

  • Stinger NOT Included

  • 5" Shaft, 5" Riser and 5" coils

  • 15" tall

  • Coils each 1/2" wide




Galaxy DX-99V

  • Galaxy 99V #3

  • 10-11 meter


  • On-Air recorder installed




Galaxy DX-99V

  • Galaxy 99V #2

  • 10-11 meter


  • Noise toy installed "Dualing Banjos"

  • Some (2) frequency counter segments missing (shown in the video)

  • Astatic D104M6B mic included


The Yaesu YC-601B is an external digital frequency display for the FT-101/277 and FT-401/501 series. It displays MHz, kHz, and 100 Hz using six red digital displays. $200

The Siltronix model 90 Type #3 is an external VFO (variable frequency oscillator) for ham radios. The Siltronix model 90 was designed to replace a crystal in a 23-channel solid-state CB transceiver.

Also for Sale in our eBay store.


The Siltronix model 90 Type#7 is an external VFO (variable frequency oscillator) for ham radios. The Siltronix model 90 was designed to replace a crystal in a 23-channel solid-state CB transceiver. 

Also for Sale in our eBay store.

Model H-III / CD-44 is a rotor control box that's part of the CDE Ham III Series 2 Rotor System. The CD-44, HAM-2, and HAM-3 rotors share the same controller



The Model H-III / CD-44 is a rotor control box that's part of the CDE Ham III Series 2 Rotor System. The CD-44, HAM-2, and HAM-3 rotors share the same controller


Also for Sale in our eBay store.


Local Pick-up ONLY.
The Kenwood TL-922A is an HF linear amplifier designed to provide the maximum legal power. It uses two 3-500Z high performance transmitting tubes and has two meters for operating convenience. The amplifier has a power of 2000W PEP SSB and 1000W DC CW/RTTY. It also has a drive power of only 80 (or more) watts.
      Some say the Kenwood TL-922A runs cool and quiet, and easily puts out 1200 Watts plus on all bands. It is also compact and beautifully built and designed.
Local Pick-up ONLY.


Ameritron RCS-4 Remote Coax Switch The Ameritron RCS-4 is a remote controlled coax switch that selects one of four outputs by supplying all control voltages through the coax. The elimination of control cables gives you a fast, neat and inexpensive installation w with only one coaxial line for four antennas.
You get two units -- the switching box that can be tower, mast or wall mounted and the control console that is located at your operating station. The attractive indoor console has bright LED antenna selector indicators. A steel enclosure provides 100% shielding to prevent RFI and TVI. Switching time is 50ms. SO-239 connectors provide reliable connections. The weatherproof switching box uses three heavy duty 10 ampere contact relays on a rugged G-10 fiberglass circuit board. Quality components are used throughout the entire unit to ensure maximum life for the sometimes difficult-to-reach switching box.
  Product Manual


EBay Sold Prices
The Yaesu YO-100 is a station monitor scope  allows you to monitor and adjust your transmitter for the cleanest signal possible. The YO-100 is designed to work with most transceivers for monitoring transmit signals from 1.8 to 60 MHz. It consists of a monitor of "On the air" signal on an oscilloscope.

Also for Sale in our eBay store

Looks like on eBay a working unit is worth $200 and a Parts unit is getting as much as $150.


Yaesu G-450A antenna rotator

The Yaesu G-450A is a light to medium duty antenna rotator that is designed for small HF beams, tri-banders, or VHF and UHF antennas. It has a 450 degree azimuth rotation range and can handle a wind load of up to 10 sq ft. The G-450A is easy to install and has a nice build quality. It also performs well in all types of weather

Tuning Indicator I-234

I could find no information on this device online,  but since it looked like a field strength meter I tested it as such in the field and it worked great.
 The antenna has no ball on the tip but otherwise extends and works fine.
Hey Competition Shoot-out CB Guys..., this is the meter you walk around your vehicle ( in a big circle) and measure the signal to see where the  gain of the signal is in different directions.

Realistic 40 Channel Two Way Emergency Citizens Band System TRC-412 CB Radio
The Realistic TRC-412 is a 40-channel, two-way emergency citizens band radio. It's designed to be carried in a vehicle for emergencies. Comes with a radio, antenna and coax, case, lighter adapter.
Also for Sale in our eBay store.



EICO 715 Trans- Match

The EICO 715 Trans-Match is a CB test set that checks transmitter performance. It checks power and SWR. The EICO 715 Trans-Match is a Ham-CB tester.

Bird 4381 Power Analyst

The 4381 Power Analyst is a wattmeter that reads both forward and reflected power output for CW, symmetrical AM, FM, and SSB. The meter is also capable of calculating SWR,dB return loss and the percent modulation of a device.
This meter requires the same slugs as the Bird 43. One hole is FWD and one for Reflected. Slugs not included. (I have many extra VHF and UHF slugs in inventory)

Used at RF Parts it sells for $419

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