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Economically priced, the Little Wil cannot be beaten in a price verses performance comparison. It is the perfect antenna for the vacationer.

Little Wil W-500 Wilson 500

With Higher performance than the Little Will, and priced lower than a Wilson 1000, this is the perfect mid range antenna

Wilson 1000

The most recognized antenna on the market. Available in Roof Top, Trunk Lip, or Magnetic mounts. Color choices of black or white.

W-1000 W-5000 Wilson 5000

The most powerful base loaded antenna available. Your choice of Roof Top, Trunk Lip,or Magnetic Mount. Available only in Black.

Wilson 2000

The #1 choice of truck drivers every where. Available with a shaft length of 5" or 10". Color selections are Black, white, red, or blue. Also available in a special style, the SW-2000 for the ant-eater type tractors.

Trucker 2000 Trucker 5000 Wilson 5000

The most powerful Trucker antenna on the market. Greater band width and power handling capabilities than the Trucker 2000. Available with a shaft length of 5" or 10". Available only in Black.


The most powerful fiberglass antenna available. Choose from 2', 3', 4', 5', or 6' lengths. Color selections include Black, white, and red. Special 3' & 4' Flexable style are also available.

FGT Fiberglass    
2 Meter 5/8 wave

The answer to top performance for a magnetic 2 Meter Amateur antenna. Tunable to a 4 MHz band width within a frequency range of 144 - 176 MHz.

2 Meter Magnetic

Short Load

Short Load

If height is a problem, The Wilson Short Load Adapter provides a solution. Works with the Wilson W-500, W-1000, W-5000, T2000, & T-5000.

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