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Base Station CB Antenna  

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CB Radio Base Station,
Beam Antenna

Dual Polarity


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The MaCo V-Quad is a Directional-Combined Vertical-horizontal polarization
plus high gain of 11 dB (14 dB stacked) makes the V-Quad an ideal inexpensive
beam for push-up mounting (stacks, too). Weighs only 8 pounds (stacked complete 24 pounds).
Instructions also included for 10 meters.

This antenna used to be called the VQ2-Quad for a long time just to signify that is
was not the 4 element quad that was available at the time.  Now only the 2 element
is available so the model number changed to V-Quad.



Made of aircraft alloy 6063-T5 aluminum tubing with .050" wall thickness,
additionally elements are made from 6006 an even tougher alloy. To prevent
fatigue failure, no holes are made in any boom or element.



Stacking Kit available

...V-QUAD... $164.50
5KW Gamma match $55.00


Boom Length (feet) 6
Boom OD (inches) 1.5
Number of Elements 2
Longest Radius (feet) 12
Turn Radius (feet) 7
Surface Area (sq. ft.) 3.2
Wind Survival (mph) 100
Tuning (Meters) 10-11
Gain (db) 11
Power Multiplication 14X
Front-to-Back Sep. (db) 25
VSWR (adjustable) 1.2:1
Weight (lbs) 8
Shipping Weight (lbs) 13
Ship by: 81" x 6" x 2" Calculate shipping for UPS or Priority Mail  Our ZIP is 33334








The item most overlooked when ordering a custom radio is the microphone.  Your new tuned radio will NOT
sound great  with a stock mic on it  If your CB is more than a tool for work, you NEED to upgrade your microphone. 
My personal favorites are the Astatic 636L and RD104E.

If you place an order from outside the continental USA, we will calculate your actual shipping and send you a PayPal payment request.  We do NOT export Antennas or Base station radios.


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