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Base Loaded
Mobile CB Antenna


 Tomorrow's antenna technology. Zero Variables.

Other CB antennas are handmade. That means they're hand wound. Hand soldered. And hand glued. With so much variation, no two can ever be exactly alike.

But every K40 is exactly the same. Unvarying. Totally consistent. In materials, construction, and - most importantly - in performance.

That's because we computer design each and every component. And then match and assemble them on a fully automated production line. With tolerances that you just can't get with old-fashioned hand assembly.

The result: Antenna performance that's far and away the best you can buy. At any price. And that means whatever road you travel, you can use your K40 with that wonderful feeling of supreme confidence. Guaranteed






affixes the K40 CB Antenna to a metal surface on virtually any vehicle. Includes 120-pound pull, eight-pole magnet and all necessary hardware. 


K40 TrunK Mount K40 Magnet Mount
Trunk Lip

This item ships in 2 separate boxes:
One for the antenna base and one tube for the whip
Base = 4lb box Regional A box
Whip = 1lb extra long tube 59" x 3" x 3" tube
The LONG whip box ALWAYS arrives LATER
than the antenna base.

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K-40 Specifications

  • Universal mounting application.
    Includes 18-feet of custom-made RG-58A/U 95% shielded coax, stranded to prevent breakage.
  • Exclusive METALPLAS construction for superior performance.
  • 57 1/4", 17-7 stainless steel whip antenna.
  • Unique capacitor for consistent SWR across all 40 channels
  • Base rotates 30 for proper vertical polarization.
  • Special radius-ed tip to dissipate static - no static ball to get knocked off.
  • Whip retracts 2-1/4" into coil for super easy tuning.
  • Isolation chamber reduces static damping.
  • Quarter-turn release makes for easy removal of coil and whip.
  • Handles 500W ICS
  • Made in U.S.A.
  • Shipping 3 lb box 57" x 5" x 6"



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