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MU-8R9 or
2-Piece, "EZ-Install"
For Single Antenna Installations


Now you can take advantage of the benefits of the exclusive FireRing (see the connector) connector and have the ease and convenience of being able to route your coax to the radio without the need for holes or passages that could be as large as one-inch. This cable is routed from the mount to the radio and the female mini-UHF connector will pass through a hole that is only 7/16" (11mm)in diameter. After reaching the radio, completion is as simple as screwing on the supplied mini-UHF/PL-259 adapter and then screwing the PL to the radios antenna connection. No coax to process ... no soldering joints to complete and no tools needed. Inside the FireRing Coax Termination

For those of you who know Firestik, you know the they would never compromise the quality of the coaxial cable for the conveniences found within this unique assembly. While they are best known for their hi-performance antennas, the antennas can not be expected to perform to their maximum potential if the coaxial cable is unable to deliver what the radio has to offer. As with all of their cable assemblies, they are as picky with what lies between the connectors as they are with the connectors themselves. Here is what you get.


  • Stranded center conductor to maximize flexibility and prevent untimely breakage.
  • Shielding coverage that averages 95% to protect against RF leaks and interference.
  • Polyvinyl center insulation for ruggedness and longevity.
  • Performance that exceeds mil-spec requirements for 50 ohm RG-58A/U coax.


Note: FireRing terminations require K-4R stud mounts that include 1.25" long bolts. Mounts that have K-4 stud mounts can be adapted for use with the FireRing termination by replacing the 1" bolt with a 1.25" bolt and elimination of the ring terminal, one flat washer and one nylon washer.


2-Piece Coax cable 9 Foot




2-Piece Coax cable 18 Foot

...Antenna Stud Mount... $6.99
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