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10 Codes 

Code     Meaning

10-1       Receiving poorly
10-2       Receiving well
10-3       Stop transmitting
10-4       OK, message received
10-5       Relay message
10-6       Busy, stand by
10-7       Out of service, leaving air
10-8       Doing great, sounding good, can mean "good stuff" or got it right.
10-9       Repeat message
10-10     Transmission completed, standing by
10-11     Talking too rapidly
10-12     Visitors present
10-13     Advise Weather/Road conditions
10-16     Make pick up at
10-17     Urgent business
10-18     Anything for us?
10-19     Nothing for you, return to base
10-20     My location is
10-21     Call by telephone
10-22     Report in person to
10-23     Stand by
10-24     Completed last assignment
10-25     Can you contact
10-26     Disregard last information
10-27     I am moving to channel
10-28     Identify your station
10-29     Time is up for contact
10-30     Does not conform to FCC rules
10-32     I will give you a radio check
10-34     Trouble at this station
10-35     Confidential information
10-36     Correct time is
10-37     Wrecker needed at
10-38     Ambulance needed at
10-39     Your message delivered
10-41     Please turn to channel
10-42     like saying 10-4 and 10-2 at same time, yeah-I hear that.
10-43     Traffic Tie up at
10-44     I have a message for you
10-45     All units within range please report
10-50     Break channel
10-51     in route to..
10-60     What is next message number?
10-62     Unable to copy, use phone
10-63     Net directed to
10-64     Net clear
10-65     Awaiting your next message/assignment
10-67     All units comply
10-70     Fire at
10-71     Proceed with transmission in sequence
10-77     Negative contact
10-81     Reserve hotel room for
10-82     Reserve room for
10-84     My telephone number is
10-85     My address is
10-91     Talk closer to mike
10-93     Check my frequency on this channel
10-94     Please give me a long count
10-99     Mission completed, all units secure
10-100   have to go #1 (bathroom)
10-200   have to go #2 (bathroom)

Please contribute to an accurate listing. I'm not concerned with your police department or fire department 10 codes and how they differ (as in 10-42). I am concerned with it,  if my list shows the police version and not what is commonly used on the CB radio.

Please send your update suggestions Here.

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