QRA: What is the name of your station?
QRB: How far are you from my station?
QRC: Will you tell me my exact frequency?
QRD: Where are you going and where are you from?
QRE: When is your estimated time of arrival?
QRF: Are you returning?
QRG: What is my exact frequency?
QRH: Does my frequency vary?
QRI: How is the tone of my transmission?
QRJ: Are my signals weak?
QRK: What is the readability of my signals?
QRL: Are you busy?
QRM: Are you suffering from interference?
QRN: Have you got atmospheric or static interference?
QRO: Shall I increase transmitting power?
QRP: Shall I decrease transmitting power?
QRQ: Shall I transmit faster?
QRR: Are you ready for automatic operation?
QRS: Shall I transmit more slowly?
QRT: Shall I stop transmitting?
QRU: Anything for me?
QRV: Are you ready?
QRW: Shall I inform ... that you are calling on channel?
QRX: Shall I wait? Will you call me again?
QRY: Is it my turn?
QRZ: Who is calling me?
QSA: What is the strength of my signal?
QSB: Are my signals fading?
QSD: Is my key defective? QSK: On the side (Unofficial)
QSL: Please acknowledge receipt
QSM: Shall I repeat last message?
QSN: Did you hear me on channel ...?
QSO: Can you contact ...?
QSP: Will you relay to ...?
QSR: Shall I repeat?
QSS: what frequency will you use?
QSW: Do you wish to transmit on this channel?
QSU: Shall I send or reply on this frequency?
QSX: Will you listen to ... on channel ...?
QSY: Shall I change to channel ...?
QSZ: Shall I transmit each word or sentence twice?
QTC: How many messages do you have for me?
QTE: What is my bearing from you?
QTH: What is your position?
QTI: What is your course?
QTJ: What is your speed?
QTL: What is your heading?
QTN: What is your departure time?
QTO: Have you left port (dock)?
QTP: are you going to enter port (dock)?
QTR: What is the correct time?
QTU: What hours is your station open?
QTV: Shall I listen for you on channel ...?
QTX: Listen for me until ...
QUA: Have you news of ...?
QUD: Have you received the emergency signal sent by ...?
QUF: Have you received the distress signal sent by ...?
QUM: Is the emergency traffic ended?
QUO: Shall I search for ...?
QUR: Have survivors been picked up?
QUS: Have you sited survivors or wreckage?
QUT: Is the position marked?


QRA: The name of my station is ...
QRB: The approximate distance is ... miles
QRC: Your exact frequency is ...
QRD: I am going to ... from ...
QRE: My estimated time of arrival is ...
QRF: I am returning
QRG: Your frequency is ...
QRH: Your frequency varies
QRI: The tone of your transmission is ...
QRJ: Your signals are weak
QRK: Your signals are ...(1-5)
QRL: I am busy
QRM: I am suffering from interference
QRN: I have got atmospheric or static interference
QRO: I will increase transmitting power
QRP: I will decrease transmitting power
QRQ: I will transmit faster
QRR: I am ready for automatic operation
QRS: I will transmit more slowly
QRT: I will stop transmitting
QRU: I have nothing for you
QRV: I am ready
QRW: I will inform ... that you are calling on channel ...
QRX: I will Wait. I will call you at ...
QRY: It is your turn
QRZ: You are called by ...
QSA: Your signal strength is ... (1-5)
QSB: Your signals are fading?
QSD: Your key is defective
QSL: I acknowledge receipt
QSM: I will repeat last message
QSN: I heard you on channel ...
QSO: I can contact ...
QSP: I will relay to ...
QSR: I will repeat
QSS: I will use frequency ...
QSW: I wish to transmit on this channel
QSU: I will send or reply on this frequency
QSX: I will listen to ... on channel ...
QSY: I will Change to channel ...
QSZ: I will transmit each word or sentence twice
QTC: I have ... messages for you
QTE: Your bearing is ...
QTH: My position is ...
QTI: My course is ...
QTJ: My speed is ...
QTL: My heading is ...
QTN: My departure time is ...
QTO: I have left port (dock)
QTP: I am going to enter port (dock)
QTR: The correct time is ...
QTU: My station is open at ...
QTV: I will listen for you on channel ...
QTX: Listen for me until ...
QUA: I have news of ...
QUD: I have received the emergency signal sent by ...
QUF: I have received the distress signal sent by ...
QUM: The emergency traffic has ended
QUO: Please search for ...
QUR: Survivors have been picked up
QUS: I have sited survivors or wreckage
QUT: The position is marked

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